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Autonomic Pharmacology for Pharmacy (PHTX 603) by Dr. Ishac


I have indicated in the summary sheets the importance of the agents covered:

  1. agents in bold font are most important and are most likely to appear in the exam

  2. agents in normal font are important and can appear in the exam

  3. agents in italic font are least important and will not appear in your exam. However these are agents that you should know when you prepare for your board examination.


On this site I have a number of resources that are helpful during your course study and exam preparation.


There are actual ANS exam papers from a nursing class that I teach. It is very similar to your course and they are provided for your convenience to prepare for your upcoming test. I also have some MCQs questions from the medical board exam for medical students.


There is a FAQ page with questions from previous years


The cardiovascular link provides access to a audio explanation of the main cardiovascular diagram provided in the syllabus.


The Ishac link provides access to the Powerpoint presentations (with and without audio) and PDF files.

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